A Guide to Competitions

As the Club is a competitive club, all squad swimmers are expected to compete at competitions. A competition calendar is distributed at the start of the season and updated regularly, so that swimmers can plan for attending competitions. Swimmers usually start by attending, Beta Leagues, mini-meets and graded meets before working their way up to North District and National meets.

Most competitions are run over a whole day and are usually split into morning and afternoon sessions. Each session starts with a warm-up and often ends with a medal ceremony.

Beta Leagues

A Beta League is a series of informal competitions held between local clubs during the year. These meets last only 2 or 3 hours and are ideal for anyone new to competitive swimming. Beta league events are divided into time heats and swimmers race against others of a similar ability regardless of age. Points are awarded to the swimmers, the team with the most points wins.


Mini-meets are for younger swimmers, where the races are over short distances and the overall length of the meet tends to be shorter.

Graded Meets

There are graded meets for more experienced swimmers and the distances can exceed 200 metres, so these require some stamina. These meets are for swimmers of all ages and swimmers must be slower than a set time to enter the events. Some meets have no set times and other meets have “faster than” consideration times. These meets can be age banded, or not. If they are not, they are called Open Meets.

Swimmers in AA Squad aim to race at District level meets and the swimmers in AAA Squad aim to be accepted for the Scottish National Championships. National Squad swimmers are aiming for the ASA National Championships.


If a swimmer betters their present personal best (PB) for an event, the new time is recorded onto the PB sheets, kept by the Club. This time is then used for entry into future meets. Sometimes meet entries have to be made before this PB is achieved and the swimmer is ranked on the program according to their entered time, not their new PB. If a meet is of a certain standard, with the required number of technical officials, the meet is designated as being accredited. PB’s gained at these meets are marked accordingly, as entry to some meets must be made with accredited times.


Entry fees should be paid on confirmation of accepted swims, before the meet.

Club Championships

The Club Championships are held annually in November.


Recommended Kit for Meets / Competitions

What to wear to a Meet

  • Club kit including club t-shirt and shorts
  • Swimwear
  • If selected for the relays, club swimwear will be required.

What to bring in rucksack

  • A change of swimwear
  • Club t-shirt and shorts for pm session (if want to)
  • Towel for drying
  • Underwear
  • Another t-shirt for going home
  • Towel and poolside shoes.

In poolside bag

Lunch if required.