Squad Coaches


The Club has a Head Coach who is responsible for all coaching matters in the Club. Each squad has a main coach and there may also be poolside assistant coaches. The coaches meet monthly to discuss coaching and squad matters and a report of the meeting is distributed to the committee.

The coaches endeavour to be at all the sessions, but they may occasionally have other commitments. In these instances, the assistant or another coach will run the session, which will be prepared by the coach. Likewise, the coaches try to attend the meets at which their swimmers are racing, but it is not always possible, especially if there are 2 meets on the same day. The coaches are encouraged to attend seminars to keep up to date with new ideas and practices.


Squad Coach
Head Coach Alison Low
A Squad Catriona Arthur
AA Squad Sarah Baxter
AAA Squad Danielle Peddie
District Squad Catriona Arthur
National Ian Benzie
National Alison Low
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