Aberdeen Amateur Swimming Club
About Learn To Swim - LTS


The LTS has 2 main aims:

  • To teach swimmers to be safe and competent swimmers, through progressive, fun lessons
  • To prepare the swimmers for progression to more advanced aquatic disciplines, if this is what they want to do
  • Swimmers

    Children are invited to join the LTS at any age from 4 years. All swimmers who are not beginners are assessed and allocated to a level according to their ability. Swimmers come from all areas of the city and some travel from well outside the city. Most recruitment is by word of mouth and we rely on swimmers bringing friends into the scheme. We do have flyers to advertise the LTS and Club and if you are interested in obtaining a copy, please contact a member of the committee.

    All swimmers in the LTS are expected to wear a LTS or Improvers cap. In Levels Swim Skills 4 and Club Ready, boys should wear trunks, not shorts, as shorts hinder performance. Equipment and swimwear can be purchased through the Club shop. The price of equipment and swimwear is shown in Appendix VII.

    The Club gives guidance through the teachers on basic Health & Safety issues and all swimmers are expected to follow the guidelines. The teachers must have the confidence that swimmers will follow their safety instructions immediately and without question, as the swimming pool can be a dangerous environment and swimmers must appreciate this.


    Many of the teachers in the scheme are present or past Club competitive swimmers, who have derived much from the Club and who wish to contribute something back into the Club. The teachers all have the UKCC Level 1 qualification as a minimum and are encouraged to progress to a higher qualification as they gain experience. All L1 teachers are supervised by a L2 or above teacher.

    Teachers must be familiar with the Club Code of Conduct and they agree to work under written terms and conditions. All teachers must go through a Self-Declaration/PVG and are expected to have a SportsCoach UK Good Practice in Child Protection certificate. A voluntary licensing scheme for teachers and coaches has been introduced by Scottish Swimming and teachers are encouraged to apply for a licence. The LTS also runs a mentoring scheme, so that the teachers can develop their teaching skills.


    The LTS syllabus can be found here and the promotion criteria here.